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Reading Reimagined

One Show Club Young Ones Winners


To find a fresh approaches to motivate Spotify users (Gen Z) to interact with and explore the world of audiobooks.


Gen Z hates books but loves stories. They hate cliff hanger!


Spotify democratizes books through audiobooks.

Working with a great team always has its benefits but my role encompassed crafting creative directions for the ad series that would captivate the minds of people passing by and leave an indelible mark on their imaginations. The brainstorming phase was a thrilling whirlwind of ideas and possibilities. Inspired by the Van Gogh immersive experience, we were determined to elevate the art of storytelling and immerse the audience in an unparalleled experience. However, we were not content with limiting this grand vision to a single space. So we decided to collaborate with Starbucks as it speaks for itself as one of the places with the highest time spent by Genz.

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